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Chimayo, New Mexico

Chimayo is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the US and has become known as the “Lourdes of America.”  The dirt from the back room of the church is believed to have healing powers.  About 300 thousand pilgrims visit each year.


Chimayo SanctuaryIn the Sanctuary you often see people in wheelchairs or on crutchesGathering holy dirtRocks inscribed with prayers

Naptime in Indian School

Lately I have been recovering from Post Viral Fatigue.  Every day I have to take a nap which lately has been reminding me of my time working at a school / hostel in India where the younger girls have their nap every day on these wooden tables.  Here they are just waking up.  At night they sleep on the thin blue pads piled in the back.  American volunteers painted the colorful mural on the wall of their hostel.  I am grateful not to have my nap on a table!


Orphan girls in Varanasi, India, wake up from their naps in a colorful school with compassionate murals painted by volunteers.






Flying into the night


Flying back to DC for my god daughter’s wedding I was glued to the window watching the breadth of the sunset

as we flew into the night.  At this altitude you can see for hours.